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Hurricane Hipica Tarifa Horse Riding Logo

Andalusian horses and beach hotel at the most southern point of Europe

Hurricane Hipica Tarifa Horse Riding Logo

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of galloping along a seemingly endless beach atop majestic Andalusian horses, serenaded by the rhythmic melody of hooves and crashing waves. Such an unforgettable experience should not be missed!

At Hurricane Hípica, we are passionate about adventure and deeply devoted to our equine companions. Embark on a remarkable journey with us, as we offer a variety of captivating riding experiences, ranging from short rides to day-long excursions and even week-long packages.

Bathed in sunshine, southern Andalusia blesses us with consistently pleasant weather throughout the year. Located in Tarifa, the southernmost point of the European mainland and a pivotal juncture between the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans, our stables offer an unrivaled setting. Nestled on the beach in the heart of the bay, our location provides a breathtaking panorama of the African coast. From here, you can easily access the exquisite Costa de la Luz beach and explore the captivating nature reserves that abound in the surrounding countryside.

Rides & Excursions

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Star rides

Guided rides are available to guests and non- guests of the hotel...

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Natural Horsemanship Course

Five Day Natural Horsemanship Course - Communication with Horses...

Meditate at the beach

Horseriding & yoga

Both riding and yoga are disciplines that demand body awareness...


The beautiful Moroccan style Hurricane Hotel is surrounded by subtropical gardens and located right on a pristine white sand beach.
Numerous reviews recommend the fine dining experience it has to offer, the good food, and the friendly, approachable staff. Many of the loyal customers visit the Hurricane Hotel year after year for these very qualities.


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For some people horses are a way of making a living, for us horses are a way of life.

Witness the profound connection between horse and rider as you gaze into the eyes of our content and well-cared-for Andalusian horses. Our primary focus lies in the well-being of our horses, and they are treated as cherished individuals rather than mere business assets. Sharing these remarkable animals with our riding guests is a joy and a privilege.
To meet the horses' fundamental needs, we provide ample opportunities for movement, social interaction, continuous access to high-quality hay, and fresh air. Our horses live harmoniously in herds, roaming freely in fields day and night. They revel in the freedom to be true horses, finding peace in their natural environment. During the off-season, they enjoy well-deserved holidays, spending several months in the mountains with minimal human interaction.

Our horses are impeccably trained, displaying sensitivity, enthusiasm, and unwavering trustworthiness. Thanks to their Spanish temperament, comprehensive training, and excellent care, each horse provides a delightfully responsive riding experience. We ride all our horses with bitless bridles, as their responsiveness allows for such a gentle approach. Furthermore, our horses are equipped with high-quality, individually fitted saddles covered with sheepskin, ensuring a secure and comfortable seat for the rider.

Remarkably, our horses navigate all terrains barefoot, even in the mountains. By eschewing horseshoes, we enable them to fully experience the natural sensation of the ground beneath their hooves. This practice contributes to their overall well-being, as horseshoes can often numb the sensation, leading to various leg and back issues. Our horses' bare hooves provide exceptional stability and dexterity, allowing them to confidently traverse the mountainous landscapes.

In our quest to maintain the utmost health and happiness of our horses, we collaborate with a horse osteopath, a horse physiotherapist, and a saddle fitter. Together, we ensure their physical well-being remains in optimal condition.
The herd is always ready and willing to accompany you on your journey through paradise.
We invite you to join us and discover the extraordinary world of Andalusian horses.

Riding and living on the beach of Tarifa with happy horses

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