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Horseriding & yoga

As a supplement to our starride programme, we offer riding & yoga

Horse riding & yoga

Both riding and yoga require a heightened sense of body awareness, and incorporating yoga into your routine can greatly improve your riding skills and overall physical well-being, especially after spending hours in the saddle.

Regular yoga practice strengthens and increases flexibility in the body, accelerates the healing process of injuries, and addresses imbalances that naturally exist within the body. Moreover, yoga nurtures the heart and mind, fostering resilience, softness, peace, joy, happiness, and balance. As part of the positive focus of yoga, our instructors will guide you in utilizing the principles of yoga and empower you to develop your unique alignment, rather than simply "fixing" the student or the pose in terms of alignment.

The yoga classes take place at the Hurricane gym, providing a dedicated space for your practice. These classes are accessible to students of all levels, catering to those who seek to work on both their physical and spiritual well-being.
This course is designed to help riders address their individual difficulties, such as body tension and muscle imbalances, on a personal level. By targeting specific areas of the body through focused training, you will ride more efficiently and harmoniously with your horse. Enhancing your body awareness not only benefits your personal experience but also greatly heightens your sensitivity to your horse's needs and communication.

For detailed pricing information and to learn more about our Riding & Yoga package, please contact us. Immerse yourself in this unique combination of disciplines and unlock a deeper level of connection with both yourself and your horse


A regular practice makes the body stronger and more flexible, heals injuries faster and helps to solve imbalances that naturally exist in the body

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