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Natural Horsemnship Course

Five Day Natural Horsemanship Course - Communication with Horses

Natural Horsemanship Course

Horses perceive the world in a unique and distinct manner, often leading to a lack of understanding between humans and these magnificent creatures. Our comprehensive course aims to bridge that gap by deepening participants' knowledge of horse behavior and unraveling the language of our four-legged partners. Through this course, you will develop a foundation of effective communication, trust, and respect, setting the stage for a secure and harmonious interaction between horse and human. Regardless of the horse's breed or the riding discipline, natural horsemanship is suitable for all equines and riders, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to enhance their equestrian journey. Moreover, these diverse learning sessions, including groundwork with a knot headcollar and rope, are designed to accommodate beginners as well.

The key is communication
The classes commence by establishing clear guidelines, emphasizing the emotional and psychological connection with our equine companions. We will foster a profound bond and synchronization, where communication becomes the essence. You will learn how to transmit energy effectively, becoming the trusted leader that your horse willingly follows. Through body language techniques and shared moments of freedom, we will reinforce our connection and develop self-control, concentration, and leadership skills. Our interactions will provide horses with security, happiness, and playful experiences, nurturing a desire to be in our company.

Connection with the horse
The ultimate objective of this course is to establish a deep connection with your horse. Together, we will launch a gratifying journey, delving into the intricate pathways of their minds, experiencing their unwavering loyalty to humans, and evolving into their trusted friend and leader.
To ensure an intimate learning experience, our natural horsemanship course is limited to small groups, with a maximum of five participants. Each day, a two-hour session will be dedicated to expanding your understanding and skills.
We recommend wearing appropriate footwear for your comfort and safety. Please note that this course is an optional addition to the star riding package we offer, designed to complement your overall equestrian experience. Additionally, private lessons are available upon request. For further information and booking possibilities, kindly reach out to us.

Natural Horsemanship is the perfect preparation for a secure and harmonious interaction between man and horse.

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